Argentum+® Medica, 49ppm, 480ml

Argentum+® Medica should be administered in the dose recommended by your doctor. It is the recommended product for a record spectrum of diseases, with over 650 types of pathogens being neutralised in contact with positive silver ions. Medica is specifically designed for therapy when the body needs more than immune and antimicrobial support.


Nanocoloidal silver-ionic nanoparticles (2nm) and natural positive silver ions in ultrapure (bidistilled) and hexagonally structured water.

Known actions of nanocolloidal ionic silver: immunomodulatory, antimicrobial (antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal) anti-inflammatory, wound healing, cell regeneration and STEM cell stimulator.

Natural ionic nanocolloidal silver is an aqueous solution containing silver nanoparticles in uniform suspension and pure, natural, positively charged silver ions.

What is colloidal silver good for? It is administered or applied topically to fight infections and reduce inflammation.
Is colloidal silver safe? Scientists have conducted several studies that indicate the safety and effectiveness of colloidal silver when used in appropriate amounts. The Pure Life group of companies has its own clinical studies carried out in the various national research programmes in which it has been involved.
Colloidal silver should be applied differently for each condition depending on its severity and also for each age group. That’s why Pure Life offers you 9 concentrations and 7 types of products.

Colloidal silver water is a safe, effective and fast acting natural remedy.  The benefits and applications of colloidal silver are countless, it is a powerful natural preventative against infections and ailments.  Not only is colloidal silver able to protect your body from infections, but in cases where the body is fighting infections, it will boost the immune system to help quickly overcome many strains of pathogens.


For internal use, on the advice of your doctor or pharmacist, Argentum+® can be administered as follows:

  • As such, undiluted, with a plastic or glass spoon or measure.
  • Diluted in drinking water, natural teas, natural juices, syrup or dietary supplements in liquid form.
  • For best effect, keep the recommended dose for 30 seconds under the tongue in the oral cavity.


For external use, Argentum+® can also be used in the following ways:

  • mouthwash: 40ml;
  • gargle: 50ml;
  • nebulizer inhalations: 30ml;
  • nose drops, ear drops, eyelid drops;
  • sprayed or applied topically to the skin in case of injuries: insect bites, stings, irritations, inflammations, scratches,
  • cuts, abrasions, bruises, bumps, bruises, bumps, removal of irritants, burns, wounds, bleeding, tumours removed;
  • sprayed or applied topically to the skin in case of viral, bacterial or fungal diseases;
  • sprayed on the face for deep hydration and facial toning;
  • sprayed all over the body or in the necessary areas;
  • sprayed on the uncovered area of the body after direct sunlight for at least 20min;
  • applied to the face with cotton pads after cleansing: 10ml, for thorough pore cleansing and skin support
  • in the oxidation process;
  • sprayed as an odorant in necessary areas (bacteriostatic);
  • for hair, scalp and nails care and regeneration;
  • added to drinking water: dilution 0.2ppm
    • calculate water needed for dilution: i) 20ml*35ppm=700ml*1ppm.  ii)700ml*(1/0.2ppm)=700ml*5=3500ml solution concentration 0.2ppm.
    • formula calculation water dilution 0.2ppm: (ml*ppm)*5.
  • added to bath water: 200ml per classic size bathtub, half full;
  • foot baths and sitz baths: 100ml;
  • for the maintenance of intimate hygiene: 20ml;
  • enemas: apply 10ml directly or in specially prepared solutions;
  • application with compresses or poultices;
  • sprayed on the body after showering in the desired area (for better absorption);
  • sprayed the toothbrush after use;
  • sprayed or applied to the body in essential areas d.p.d.v. bacteriologically for grooming, rejuvenation (soles of the feet, underarms, groin area);
  • sprayed on common textiles: face masks, socks, napkins (to be used after drying);
  • sprayed objects that come into contact with the face (telephone receiver, mobile phone, headphones);
  • sprayed objects that often come into contact with the hand (door handle, steering wheel, gearshift, keyboard, mouse, desk, etc.);
  • sprayed their hands and face after returning home and grooming them;
  • sprayed in the refrigerator after defrosting, bathtub, shower screen, toilet seat, sponge and washcloth (antibacterial effect);
  • sprayed pillows, sheets and duvets after waking and airing them (protection, freshness);
  • periodically sprayed curtains and drapes (when cleaning);
  • sprayed on the kitchen countertop after cooking and the meal at the end, after releasing it;
  • periodically sprayed fan blades and air conditioning exhaust vents;
  • added periodically (monthly 100ml dilution 5ppm) in the washing machine;
  • periodically added to the drains of bathrooms (monthly 100ml dilution 5ppm);
  • sprayed inside the waste bin before applying the garbage bag.


Technical information

Variant available:

  • for external use: 30, 60, 120ml (with dropper and sprayer);
  • for internal use consult your doctor: 240ml and 480ml (with free graduated measure of 20ml).

Ingredients: silver, water.

Description silver: purity 99.99%; a) as naturally occurring nanoparticles*, size: 2 nanometres (nm), shape: spherical, dispersion: uniform; b) in pure ionic form, hydrate.

Water description: ultra-purified, pharmaceutical grade, by bidistillation and hexagonally structured. Purity <1uS/Cm3.

Other properties of the solution: pH 8+; taste: metallic, slightly bitter; colour: transparent.

Packaging: cobalt blue pharmaceutical glass bottle.

How to use:

  • internal: with graduated measure;
  • external: refill spray, applied on compresses.

Advice for internal use:

  • Not to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, before any food (liquid or solid). There are a few people (few in number) in whom the bitter taste immediately triggers the release of bile and the onset of sickness. If this advice is not followed and this phenomenon occurs, drink liquids immediately, preferably spring water.
  • During the entire period of the nanocolloidal ionic silver cure, it is recommended to drink 2.5l of fluids daily to help the body evacuate toxins.
  • Not to be consumed directly from the glass bottle, saliva may contain traces of glucose which can lead to a bioreducing effect of silver ions, the solution thus becoming amber in colour over time. Even in such a situation the product can still be consumed, as the particles thus created will dissolve in the body due to the weak (covalent) bonds of the atoms of such particles.

Storage tip: at room temperature.

Important: No metal was used in the production process because the solution has 98% silver ions, charged with positive electric charge. Do not keep in the presence of medium and high electromagnetic fields. For internal use avoid the use of stainless steel (conductive) spoons or pots to keep the positive ion field unaltered. The exception is copper spoons or pots due to the characteristic ionic resistance field. Tip: people who have dental metal work can successfully use the solution, as the alloys used are not electroconductive.

Contraindications: people with silver allergy (1/100,000 people). In case of allergic reaction it is recommended to consume plenty of fluids. Being a very small amount of the mineral, the allergic effect is minor and symptoms will subside in a short time.

Method of administration: see packaging.

Validity: 36 months. PAO: N/A (36 months validity is used). Expiry date, see packaging.

Fate of the solution: according to studies, the nanoparticles will be eliminated as follows: 97% in 24 hours in urine and 3% in 72 hours in stool. This facilitates long-term administration for necessary therapies or constant dose for prophylactic maintenance.

*Naturally produced nanoparticles at the 2nm level (the best performing in the EU) are protected by CDI patent and internationally recognised with gold medals (Pro Invent). The solution was not obtained by: nanotechnology engineering, chemicals, laser ablation, high voltage, diluted from highly concentrated solutions, from silver oxide powder.

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