ARGENTUM+ Pets & Plants 10ppm 30ml pipette

NEW! This is the product specially designed for pets and ornamental plants. The concentration is ideal for strengthening the immune system and increasing the regenerative power in animals. It also helps to purify and prolong the life of plants.


For internal use Argentum+® Pets & Plants can be administered as follows:

  • diluted in water;
  • if the pet refuses to drink the water, this is because it has already been sprayed and has associated the smell of silver with the unpleasant sensation caused. In this case add the solution to its food.

Dosage and instructions for use, for medium-sized pets (10kg):

  • 10ml per day, taken in two 5ml (one tablespoon) doses, morning and evening, preferably with meals. This amount is sufficient for general health maintenance.
  • 30ml per day, taken in three doses, morning, noon and evening, preferably before meals. This amount is used successfully for boosting the immune system and when showing ‘pleurisy’ in cold temperatures.
  • Over 30ml per day. On the recommendation of your veterinarian, the dose can be increased and adapted according to the size of the body. Warning! It is absolutely necessary that your pet is well hydrated for optimal efficiency in eliminating toxins. The owner must ensure that the pet has access to water at all times.
  • For prevention: When you notice the first symptoms that signal the onset of pathogens, spray the affected area every hour and also put 30ml in your drinking water or food.
  • For small animals (rodents) and birds use only one-fourth of the above recommended dose.
  • For cats half the dose described is recommended
  • For large amines (20kg+) use double dose, and so on.
  • For open wounds, wounds: bandage permanently with compress soaked in solution. IMPORTANT: the unique property of positive silver ions to stimulate the body to secrete STEM cells also applies to horses! Horses are known to be unable to regenerate, as this faculty of the body is greatly diminished. With the exception of fractures, many ailments, wounds or scratches can even recover 100% by continuously maintaining (but periodically changing) a dressing soaked in silver positive ions Argentum+ Pets and Plants. Depending on the severity of the injury, after a while it will be found that the wound turns pink! This is undeniable proof that the wound is healing with the help of STEM cells and that the danger of infection has passed! So these extraordinary animals also have a priceless chance, we might say without exaggeration, at life through regeneration!

For ornamental plants, crops, seedlings, fruit trees:

Argentum+® Pets & Plants can also be used in the following ways:

  • spraying flowers to extend the flowering time of ornamental plants;
  • General hydration of leaf stalks during the period when the plant is not flowering;
  • added to the root to help prevent them from decomposing quickly in the soil;
  • added to the flower water, when they are not rooted, to prolong their life (50-100ml for large bouquets);
  • after grooming, sprayed on areas where cuts have been applied;
  • in general cosmetic care of bouquets used for events that do not have the possibility to stand in water (weddings – bridal bouquet, etc.);
  • sprayed to remove unpleasant odour from some roots (grooming is also necessary if the smell persists);
  • for the care of the pots in which the plants are kept (sanitation);
  • added to the flower water 100ml to 5l. Recipe for the whole garden.
  • added to the plant root bath water: 50ml/litre;
  • added to vines or fruit trees in the flowering season to give a “boost” to both the flowers’ fragrance and their resistance (decreases the drying rate of pre-fruit flowers);
  • for crops, in seedling holes (increases seedling grip).
  • is added to the grafting wadding, which wraps the grafted area – enhances the graft’s grip;
  • for freshly picked fruit (cherries, strawberries) sprayed to keep them fresh for longer;
  • in compresses or poultices for trees that have suffered from fungi, after cleaning the area and putting the vine to enhance the regeneration of the tree stem.


Side effects of using Argentum+® Pets & Plants do not exist. This product is not toxic or allergenic, does not affect the liver, kidneys or other organs of the pet’s body, nor the soil or plants. There is no danger of silver particles accumulating in the body. Being nanometric in size, they are eliminated naturally. Silver ions (Ag+) do not interact with any medicines or remedies.

Storage conditions:Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Do not store in refrigerator. Beware of strongly magnetic objects, the product contains positively charged silver ions, which may precipitate as a result.

Variant available:

  • for external use: 30, 60, 120ml (with dropper and sprayer);
  • for internal use: 240ml and 480ml (with graduated measure).

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