ARGENTUM+®77 120ml spray, special edition, ionic nanocolloidal silver, 98% positive silver ions, pH 8+

Colloidal silver-ionic nanoparticles (2nm) and silver ions in distilled (pharmaceutical grade) and structured water.Argentum+®77 – the TOP product with the highest concentration and the lowest particle size, with a rich concentration of silver ions, which are 13 times more effective than classical colloidal particles!ARGENTUM+ products are the only ones on the Romanian market that offer pure ionic solutions, without other chemical compounds!


Argentum®+77 – colloidal silver 77ppm – prospect

Argentum+®77 – colloidal silver 77ppm is the PREMIUM product, very rich in silver (extraordinarily high concentration) of 99.99% purity. The advanced production technology allows us to make the product almost perfect: nano-sized particles between 0.5 nm and 4.5 nm at the highest concentration makes the product unbeatable both in price and quality.

In addition, the high concentration of silver ions, 97%, makes our product not only the best but also unique, far exceeding the quality of a colloidal solution without silver ions by the simple fact that Ag+ silver ions have more than 13 times the therapeutic efficacy of neutral colloidal Ag(0) particles, as shown by the latest research in the field of bionanotechnology. In this direction you can study here the RICE University report which has issued an official, academically referenced letter (being the authoritative forum) clarifying the so-called dispute between ionic colloidal solution marketers and plain, neutral-particle-only colloidal solution marketers.

As a rule, colloidal solutions gradually lose their colloidal properties with increasing concentration: the particles become larger and their power to remain in suspension in a liquid medium decreases. The transparency thus becomes yellowish, even brownish to black in some cases, and deposits appear. These types of products have a very short shelf-life, in time all the particles will conglomerate and settle.

The fact that Argentum+®77 achieves this performance (extraordinary for connoisseurs) of keeping its colloidal properties intact for an indefinite period of time (transparent, no deposits, same ppm) and at this concentration (two and a half times higher than the highest concentrations on the colloidal market) shows certainly the superior quality of the Argentum+® product range.

This is why ARGENTUM+® colloidal ionic silver is authorised for domestic consumption in Europe and is one of the first products in the future class of nano-food products that will appear in 2018 throughout Europe. Globally, the product is enjoying real success and is currently being exported to China, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

Argentum+®77 has the largest coverage area of any colloidal silver product already on the market. This is the number one quality of a colloidal solution, namely coverage area. The formula for calculating the coverage area is to multiply the number of particles by the particle size. Analogically speaking, a matchstick has an area of coverage (the total of the match faces added together). Even though one A4 sheet of paper has a much smaller weight than 10 matchsticks, the coverage area of the A4 is much larger. Similarly, the coverage area is given by the particle fineness (how small it is) multiplied by the concentration. Since everything happens at the cellular level, all that matters is the contact surface area (directly proportional to the coverage area). The more particles there are, the greater the chance of rapid recovery because the number of neutralising agents will exceed the number of pathogens.

Compared to the other colloidal silver types in the ARGENTUM+® range, Argentum+77 acts in a very special way on the pineal gland. Immediately after ingestion of 10-30ml of the solution, increased activity in the central area of the brain is perceived, accompanied by a general feeling of well-being. Argentum+77 is much more powerful and helps to gradually remove calcium, fluorine and phosphorus crystals that form in the pineal gland with age and considerably impair its functions.

Although the project investigating the action of silver ions on the pineal gland is extraordinarily costly, Agnes Itara is investing in it because demonstrating this scientifically is a pioneering work that proves that there are viable solutions for the pineal gland to be able to perform its functions correctly even in old age, practically eliminating the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, etc. We are also talking about extending life… The very state of euphoria that accompanies the administration of ARGENTUM+ 77 solution is the inner evidence of the peptides (neurotransmitters) secreted by the pineal gland following its interaction with the ionic particles in the highly concentrated 77 ppm solution. Another very special effect of taking Argentum+77 solution is that it stimulates serotonin secretion in the raphe nucleus (study by Stephen Quinto at Natural Immunogenics using Argentyn23 solution – the American counterpart of the colloidal silver ion Argentum+ produced by Agnes Itara) and thus helps to eliminate bad habits, vices and even drug addiction. We will give a separate space in which we will deal with the role of silver ions in various detoxification processes.

Stimulation of the pineal gland thus increases melatonin secretion, cell regeneration through the production of its own stem cells (an aspect coordinated by the tiny and fascinating pineal gland, which until today has been a great biological mystery, attributed to mystical aspects), accelerates healing processes. In addition ARGENTUM+77 stops the symptoms of colds, is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal and bacteriostatic.

Ionic colloidal silver, in general, is nicknamed the body’s second immune system because the positively charged particles regulate (boost) the coordination of the nervous system in the area affected by pathogens, an area that has become acidic through lack of oxygenation. The addition of silver ions leads to better oxygenation due to the normalisation of blood flow (in relation to the proper re-functioning of the nervous system, which was initially disturbed by the factors that triggered the disease – hypothermia, current – affecting the bio-electric circuit etc.). This reoxygenation in the affected tissue area causes the pH to change from acidic to basic, allowing the immune system to act optimally and neutralize pathogens.

Restoring the bio-electric circuit of the human body and increasing cellular oxygenation is proven by harmonizing the circulation of energies in the bio-energetic meridians as can be seen in the photos taken with the Kirlian device (photo link coming soon).

Argentum+®77 has a special effect of global energization of the whole being and reduces fatigue, apathy, melancholy. It is a good mental tonic with effects that are felt for long periods of time.

This product is ideal for all age groups, especially young people and adults. For babies, internally, we only recommend Argentum+ Lite or Argentum+ Plus, depending on the symptoms.

For internal use Argentum+®77 can be administered in two ways:

  1. as such, undiluted, with a plastic or glass spoon or measure.
  2. diluted in water, tea, milk or juices.

Dosage and how to use:

  • 5ml per day, one tablespoon, preferably before one of your meals. This amount is sufficient for general health maintenance especially when sudden changes in temperature occur and thereby the immune system may be affected – spring, autumn and in the cold season.
  • 10ml per day, taken in two doses, morning and evening, preferably before meals. This amount is successfully used in immune boosting cures.
  • 20ml per day, in case of ailments, on doctor’s recommendation. The dose can be increased and adjusted as needed.
  • Shock dose: When you notice the first symptoms of a cold or flu, it is recommended to use a 60ml dose per day, in several doses, for two or three consecutive days, to stop the development of pathogens.

Warning! It is absolutely necessary to consume minimum 2.5l of water per day for greater efficiency in eliminating toxins. Otherwise you risk overloading the excretory organs with toxins and destroyed bacteria, which can affect the proper functioning of the body. If you have not followed our advice and have ended up in this situation you should not be alarmed, consume fluids immediately and stop consuming colloidal ionic silver until the specific sensations of overcrowding with toxins and dead bacteria (feelings of sickness, nausea, limpness) disappear. If these sick feelings occur immediately after taking the 77ppm colloidal ionic silver solution it is due to a high level of toxins in the body. We suggest that you review your diet and firmly opt for a global cleanse (and thus eliminate many potential health problems) and consume at least three months 60% raw food and 40% cooked food. We don’t recommend short, drastic cures because the body then, badly habituated, tends to “catch up” with carbohydrates, sugars etc. through increased secretion of dopamine and so you expose yourself to the risk of uncontrolled excess which can seriously upset the balance of your health.

Argentum+®77 can also be used in the following ways:

  • mouthwash, for oral cavity care (rinsing, gargling);
  • in inhalations, using the nebulizer;
  • eye drops (the solution is perfectly pure – zero bacterial colonies, contains only distilled water, pharmaceutical grade, and nano metric silver particles plus silver ions), nose, ears;
  • sprayed on burns or wounds (neutralises infectious bacteria in a perfectly non-invasive way, without damaging the living, sensitive tissue in the area and without destroying the stem cells responsible for the cell regeneration process, in addition it enhances the secretion of these cells accelerating the healing process painlessly);
  • in skin care cosmetics, as a tonic and deep skin pore purifier, preventing the development of staphylococcus, thus being an excellent anti-acne cosmetic product;
  • sprayed as an odorant (against unpleasant odors generated by bacteria in areas where the body’s skin does not breathe sufficiently, allowing them to grow);
  • for long-lasting hair care (by stimulating the functions of the follicles, the hair shaft can resist for long periods of time, preventing it from drying out at the ends, which leads to splitting of the ends of the hair, while the presence of silver ions will lead to a normalisation of the excretion of the sebaceous glands and thus the follicles will no longer dry out due to the high acidity specific to the disruption of the function of these glands), the skin in general and the nails;
  • added to bath water: 20ml (skin purifier in general);
  • foot baths and sitz baths: 10ml (potentiates the effects);
  • for maintenance of hygiene of the intimate area and added in enemas: 5-10ml;
  • applied topically after shaving helps regenerate skin damaged by the razor blade, reducing the risk of irritation and even infection in the area of damaged pores;
  • in compresses or poultices for better absorption of the active substances in the mixture into the tissues;
  • sprayed on face, eyes, temples, nape of the neck, in tiredness, giving a feeling of freshness;
  • topical in the case of insect bites, immediate application helps to neutralise acidic pH enzymes specific to insects that can lead to inflammation and unwanted pain;
  • sprayed all over the affected area in case of sunstroke, in parallel with internal consumption (shock dose) in case of sunstroke. For prevention, it is recommended to spray every 20 minutes during sunbathing to reduce the side effects of radiation on the skin. Of course, precaution should be taken to avoid peak hours with strong UV action. Combining 77ppm colloidal silver ion solution with cream used for even tanning or natural oils (olive, coconut) or applied to the skin before using cocoa butter is a sure recipe for healthy skin and reduced side effects from heliotherapy or sunbathing;
  • all over the body in case of fever, chills, in parallel with internal consumption (shock dose);

Indications:  amenorrhea, mental amenorrhea, amnesia, andropause, anemia , adnexitis, megaloblastic anemia, angina pectoris, anguish, anorexia, mental anorexia, anxiety, chronic appendicitis, burns, atherosclerosis, arthralgia, arthritis, arthrosis , physical asthenia, muscular asthenia, mental asthenia, muscular atony, atrypsis, muscular atrophy, hay fever, infectious diseases, bronchitis, cataracts, headache, cystitis, collagenosis, intestinal colic, concussion (preventive), mental confusion, constipation, convalescence, coxarthrosis, muscle cramps, bone decalcification, demineralisation, depression, dermatitis, eczema, pulmonary emphysema, enteritis, erysipelas, scabies, pharyngotonsillitis , fever, boils, influenza, gout, guttural, herpes, hypertension, muscular hypotonia, chronic hepatitis, myocardial infarction (preventive), pulmonary infarction (preventive), escherichia coli infection (e. coli), urinary tract infection, chronic bacterial infections, inflammation, sunstroke, insomnia, adrenal gland activity failure, chronic heart failure, chronic renal failure, surgery (pre- and post-operative), hypochondria, mental irritability, keratitis, psycho-emotional lability, laryngitis, leukocytosis, leukopenia, leukorrhea, biliary lithiasis, arthritic lumbago, mastitis, menopause, myalgia, cutaneous mycosis, myocarditis, infectious mononucleosis, neurasthenia, mumps, orchitis, orchitis, panic, paresis, pericarditis, pessimism, alveolar-dental pyorrhea, wounds (difficult to heal), viral pneumonia, polyneuropathy, psoriasis, rickets, cerebral ramolisment, mental retardation, rheumatic fever, rhinopharyngitis, watery rhinorrhoea, purulent rhinorrhoea, rubella, measles, weight loss, decreased immunity, decreased memory (pre-natal phase), schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, senescence, Down’s syndrome, chronic sinusitis, spasmophilia, ankylopoietic spondylitis, staphylococcal skin disease, sterility, stomatitis, stress, susceptibility, tetany, tracheitis, reflex disorders (decreased), attention disorders, digestive and absorption disorders, cough, gastric and duodenal ulcer, deformed nails, urethritis, vaginitis, varicose veins, warts, shingles.

There are no side effects of using Argentum+®77. This product is not toxic or allergenic, does not affect the liver, kidneys or other organs of the body. There is no danger of silver particles accumulating in the body. Being nanometric in size, they are naturally eliminated within three days, according to the six-month Acad study. Dr Altman. It is not addictive or habit-forming and can be taken over a long period. Silver ions (Ag+) do not interact with any other drugs or remedies, nor do they generate invasive reactions with natural substances in the body. However, if you experience mucosal sensitivity to topical application of the solution, we recommend rinsing with plenty of drinking water and reducing the concentration of the nanoparticle and silver ion solution.


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